Film Scanning
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Very good quality digital images can be generated from traditional film negatives and slides. S&G Imaging is equipped and experienced in scanning 35mm negatives and slides, and in cleaning up and optimizing scanned images.

Film scanning is not a mindless, mechanical process. Most films come scratched from the original processing labs, from the processes that feed the film through various pieces of developing equipment. The film itself is practically magnetic to dust, and the history of a film's handling adds to the misery that high resolution scanners will pick up as an integral part of the digital image that a scanner generates. Finally, the scanner itself is an optical device that is passing a beam of focused light over a small, somewhat reflective and not very flat surface; this process generates interference patterns that show up as banding, 'orange peeling', or graininess in large areas of smooth color. These problems can be dealt with in post processing; the amount of post-processing needed to produce an acceptable clean scan depends on the quality of the original film and on how clean the final image needs to be.

S&G Imaging offers 2 levels of service.
  • Pure scanned image generation with no post processing. This service is charged by the size of the file we generate and you can clean up the images yourself to the degree that you need.

  • Scan, cleanup and optimization. This service generates the digital image files from the scanner, and then post processes them to the degree requested. This service is charged by the hour.

Image Scanning Automatic scratch removal, color reconstruction and grain reduction may be applied as requested. Files may be delivered in any reasonable image format. The color depth may be 8-bit or 16-bit; not all image formats will support 16-bit color.
Scan Size 20MB 40MB 60MB 100MB 200MB 250MB >250MB
Composite Image: Allen Herman ©2006 Price $5.00 $7.00 $10.00 $15.00 $20.00 $50.00 $0.30/MB

Image Scanning, Clean Up and Optimization This service is charged at $55.00/hour
Composite Image: Allen Herman ©2006