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S&G Imaging is the imaging division of the Software and General Services Company Inc. We specialize in providing services to Artists and the Digital Arts community. Our core business is the digitization of fine art,and the printing of high fidelity reproductions of works of art. Our photographic studios are equipped to image both works of art and commercial products, and our designers have extensive experience in developing web-based and printed publicity materials.

Please read our notes about Copyright and about Color Fidelity.
Studio Photography S&G Imaging has a full service photographic studio that is configured for digital photography. The studio is equipped to photograph small to moderate sized products, including high reflectivity objects such as glass. We have extensive experience in photographing paintings and other works of art for digital reproduction.

You can find examples of photo shoots by clicking here.

Field Photography The Imaging division of S&G provides commercial studio and field photography, a catalog of photographs, and high quality, large scale prints.

The S&G Imaging photograph library can be found at http://www.sandgimaging.com/ImageGallery/index.php

Fine Art Digitization The Imaging division of S&G digitizes paintings for high fidelity reproduction, and photographs other works of art for digital presentation.

The S&G Imaging art catalog can be found at http://www.sandgimaging.com/ImageGallery/index.php

Art and Photographic Printing Our equipment is the best that we can fit in to our facilities, and we work hard to keep it in perfect condition and at the leading edge of technology. Whether it's giclee on canvas or a photographic portrait on luster, we will print it beautifully.

Film Scanning We can scan most negative and positive film formats using our high resolution Minolta and Nikon film scanners. You can find details of the service by clicking on Film Scanning.

Printed Publicity S&G Imaging has the facilities and the experience to take your publicity from concept , through custom photography, to digital print submission

Book Cover Design Bookshops are filled with books. Without an eye-catching, high impact cover the most momentous literature is likely to be missed in the overwhelming choice. It is S&G Imaging's business to help author's get noticed.

Photograph recovery, repair and enhancement Old photographs cannot be replaced - but they can be preserved indefinitely. S&G Imaging will reproduce and restore your irreplaceable photographs, or enhance them using sophisticated digital techniques.

Memories Photographs are much more that just pretty pictures to look at. Photographs excite our memories and bring back the best of our lives - our families, our friends and our experiences. S&G Imaging can make your most beloved memories fresh again.